Empower the Heart of the Champion

In this interactive faith-based study guide, which is the companion to the book GO THE EXTRA YARD (GTEY), we embark on a 30 day journey to take closer look at how the Scriptures, Victory Verses, stories and commentary taught in the book GO THE EXTRA YARD impact you. Each day you are given an inspirational game plan that consists of reading specific pages in GTEY along with a victory verse to empower you to S.O.A.R.

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GO THE EXTRA YARD (Third Edition)

Empower the champion within you

If you are falling short of your destiny, focus on your goal and not on the fear. It is time to make a decision to change, grow and learn. In football and in life, the last defining step to achieve significance is up to you. In this book Go The Extra Yard: Empower the Champion within You, you learn 7 keys to victory everyone needs to know to live the life of a CHAMPION. It teaches you how to GO THE EXTRA YARD through inspirational stories, humor, and life-changing commentary.​​ (Secular Second Edition - 7 Keys to victory for a blessed Christian life.)



Practical and Spiritual Wisdom to

Build a Life of Joy and Prosperity

Open this book to discover a joyful world of financial peace and independence that maintains Christ-centered values. Inside, stewardship expert, author and faith-based speaker Jerry LePre provides the practical and spiritual insight for becoming debt-free champion stewards...


Words & Art to Inspire the Soul

The purpose of the essays, poetry, and art found in this book is to encourage and inspire people, who have faced the storms of life, rebuild with vision, pride, and excellence. The strong people of this region (Greater New Orleans), with their unique culture, are proud to say this is “a time to dance”.

"Jerry's Smell The Popcorn was the perfect snack to perk me up in tough times. This book made me hungry for the smell of continued success and to keep striving to be a Purpose Driven Person."

Bruce S.

Wilkinson, CSP

Speaker, Trainer, and Author of

The Thermostat Leader

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Popcorn starts with a tiny kernel that expands up to

40 times its original size when faced with extreme heat. In the same way, we can seize our opportunities of success by being transformed by the heat of our challenges and adversities. Our response to these character building events determines if we are going to pop to our ultimate level of triumph or stagnate in the mess of mediocrity. In other words, do we choose greatness or settle for less?

Through insightful stories and humor, Smell The Popcorn provides proven and easy-to-implement strategies to Pop to the Top™ through 12 secrets that will change your life forever.

Engaging Books that Inspire

"This book made my energy and ideas pop! Jerry LePre has done a wonderful job of weaving engaging stories with timeless strategies for growing from adversity and living successfully."


Smallwood, PhD

Psychologist, CNN and New York Times Contributor, Speaker, and

Author of This Wasn't Supposed to Happen to Me

Champion Stewards' Guide to Empower a


The purpose of this study guide, which is the companion workbook for ChristianNOMICS: God’s Master Plan for Financial Freedom, is to teach God’s spiritual and practical financial wisdom through a hands-on format that creates and conserves wealth while eliminating debt. These easy-to-follow faith-based strategies and tactics transform ordinary stewards into debt-free Champion Stewards.

Speaker, Trainer, Life Coach, Author, Sports Historian

Jerry LePre