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My childhood dream was to become a professional football player when I grew up. However, despite my positive attitude and passion for the game, I was not a good athlete. In fact, I admit; I was spastic. So when the ball unexpectedly popped into my hands during a scrimmage game, I started to run for my life. It is from this unforgettable experience that I discovered what it takes to empower the Champion within us. Through humor, inspirational stories, and scripture, my message provides practical insight to engage and energize Christians to GO THE EXTRA YARD™ to become champion stewards who run with God's master game plan for financial freedom. You too can run with ChristianNOMICS to victory.

"In this fast-paced culture with so many people driven by the lure of material success, Jerry LePre reminds us of what truly matters in life. His life is a testimony to the fact if you ‘do your best and let God do the rest,’ not only will you grow, but you will be an encouragement and inspiration to others.

As you read (any of his books), it will become evident how crucial it is to integrate your faith into every aspect of your life so that you can be victorious in spite of the challenges and obstacles that life brings your way.

Jerry’s life-changing secrets to empower success come out of the mind and heart of a truly remarkable individual and addresses an enormous need in our society."

Steve Gilliland

Bestselling Author, Member,

Speaker Hall of Fame

This small group stewardship life lesson is designed to help Christians discover the joy and peace of financial freedom. Highlights include learning the SEVEN BUILDING BLOCK STRATEGIES, setting and achieving realistic financial goals, and implementing the 17 essentials principles for living financially free. In addition, learn 7 practical tactics that could save you hundreds of dollars. PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE.




Open this book to discover a joyful world of financial peace and independence that maintains Christ-centered values. Inside, stewardship expert, author, and faith-based speaker Jerry LePre  provides the practical and spiritual insight for becoming debt-free champion stewards.

In addition to learning 17 essential principles for living financially free, this book provides over 100 practical tactics to stretch and conserve your hard earned dollars. Jerry’s easy-to-implement SEVEN BUILDING BLOCK STRATEGIES, which start with a Christ-centered financial freedom plan (budget), are designed to create, increase, manage, and protect your financial resources.

Inside you will discover:

  • The meaning of CHRISTIANNOMICS™;
  • God’s four primary purposes for money;
  • What it takes to establish good credit;
  • Techniques to reduce your taxes;
  • Money saving tips for shopping;
  • Ways to lower insurance costs:
  • How to invest in your legacy;

Jerry LePre