Speaker, Trainer, Life Coach, Author, Sports Historian

“Jerry LePre is one of the most engaging writers you will ever experience. If you want to live a more purposeful and impactful life, you must read Smell The Popcorn. Like a tasty bowl of popcorn, it's brimful of compelling stories that provide meaningful insights you are sure to savor for many years to come. You (Jerry) are definitely a gifted communicator!”

Dick Bruso

Author, Speaker, branding expert, founder of Heard Above The Noise

"Effective change in an individual comes from first receiving true inspiration that touches one's inner most self. Over the years of knowing Jerry LePre, I have always been in awe of his well thought-out professional presentations. He knows how to communicate his direction to his audiences."

Dianne Sclafani
New Orleans Business Speaker and Restaurant Consultant

"Smell The Popcorn gives you a real insight into the opportunities around us - day in and day out. Greatness is everywhere but only you can make it happen. This book gives you the roadmap to building a better world by building a better you. I highly recommend the book for your continued development."

James E. Fitzmorris, Jr.
Lt. Governor of Louisiana (1972-1980) 

"The principle-based methods found in Jerry LePre's book Smell The Popcorn are powerful! His V.A.L.U.E. concept offers a practical and highly effective action plan for business leaders who seek dynamic corporate and personal growth."

Mike Prestenback

Premier Occupational Medicine

"Everyone faces adversities in life. It is how you respond to these challenges that define who you are. Do you make excuses? Do you make a difference? It is up to you to decide. The Life Changing Secrets in this book (Smell The Popcorn) will empower you to Pop to the Top by growing from the heat of adversity."

Glenn W. Hayes
Jefferson Chamber of Commerce Chairman (2002)
President and CEO (2006-2011)

"Jerry enlightened me on the traits, attitude, energy, and actions that separate mere managers from influential leaders."

M.A. LeBlanc
MBA, CPA New Orleans

"I strongly recommend Mr. LePre to you as a sincere, godly man who has a commitment to the Lord to share his financial expertise." 

Rhonda H. Kelley, PhD
Christian Author and Speaker

Adjunct Professor of Women's Ministry - NOBTS 

(New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary)

TV/Radio Host 'A Word for Women' 1983-2005

"When I met Jerry at a National Speakers Association (NSA) meeting in New Orleans, I knew he was a man of integrity and vision with a purpose and a passion for helping others. I loved his positive attitude and his selfless spirit. It was refreshing to meet an author and speaker who practices what he preaches. His highly effective mentoring is making a huge difference in the lives of countless people by helping them Pop to the Top and Stay at the Top.

During my career as a professional speaker, author, and trainer, I have found that books with the magnitude of The Popcorn Principle are the ones that inspired me to go far beyond my dreams and levels of success."

Ryan C. Lowe
Speaker, Trainer, and Author of Get Off Your Attitude

"Jerry LePre's article (10 Steps to Great Customer Service) provides critical steps to make your customer service team as effective as possible. These tips will help any CS manager improve and become proactive." 

Amy Clark
The Customer Engagement Blog,

The Weeks Best Reads in Customer Service


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