Jerry LePre

Speaker, Trainer, Life Coach, Author, Sports Historian


"According to Jerry LePre, the Popcorn Mentality is not just about motivation, it is about transformation. It is a conversion involving vision, attitude, love, understanding, and energy. I believe it is accurate to say that the most successful people have defined these five principles."

Steve Gilliland

Pop to the Top

Smell The Popcorn Metaphor

Be it at a movie theater, a sporting event or home, when I smell popcorn I know a special treat is ready to be enjoyed. In the same way, when the seeds of our potential, like kernels of corn, are transformed by the heat of adversity to POP TO THE TOP™, we metaphorically SMELL THE POPCORN™ of our success.

Are You a Popcorn Person?Definition: A Popcorn Person™ is one who, like the kernel of corn, when faced with the heat of adversity, explodes to his or her greatest potential of significance. Unlike a candy bar that melts into a gooey mess and takes the shape of its container, a Popcorn Person™ defines and shapes his or her destiny by growing from adversity.

Like a one-of-a-kind snowflake, the Popcorn Destiny is unique to each individual since there are no two popped kernels or Popcorn Persons exactly alike.

Are you a Popcorn Person™?