Substance Abuse Awareness and            Intervention for Senior Adults

Substance abuse (alcohol and opioid) among senior adults over age 65 is one of the fastest growing health problems in the United States. It is quickly becoming a quiet epidemic. When it occurs, the health effects can be even more dangerous than those who abuse drugs in younger years. In addition, seniors must also be concerned about the escalating substance abuse culture faced by their grandchildren. This session provides current information along what you need to know about recognizing the signs and symptoms of substance abuse and what you need to do about it.

Informative & Entertaining Presentations to Enhance the Quality of Senior Living

Engaging, Enlightening, Energizing and Empowering


Empower the Champion Senior Adult Within You

If you are falling short of your destiny, focus on your goal and not on the fear. It is time to make a decision to change, grow and learn. In football and in life, when to take the defining step to discover the joy of victory, is up to you. In this 30-minute session, you learn the keys to victory to live as a joyful CHAMPION Senior Adult. It teaches how to GO THE EXTRA YARD through inspirational stories, humor and life-changing insight.​​ (Based on the book GO THE EXTRA YARD - secular and faith-based formats.)

SILVER SECURITY (45-minute Presentation)

Stretch & Conserve Your Dollar Financial Peace, Joy and Security

This entertaining and informative three-hour event enhances the quality of life for senior adults by teaching practical and easy-to-implement tactics to stretch and conserve our dollars. Self-evaluation and budget (financial freedom) forms will be provided. You will also learn how to Demo-Debt (demolish debt) and 17 essential principles to start living financially free.

NOTE: Faith-based optional format is based on the book ChristianNOMICS: God's Master Plan for Financial Freedom.


  • Get the Advantage over Medicare
  • Build a legacy through planned gifting
  • Learn about pre-need solutions

Award Winning Author, Speaker and Sports Historian Jerry LePre Presents

​​SILVER SIGNIFICANCE (45-minute Session)


Secrets to Pop to the Top!

Popcorn starts with a tiny kernel that expands up to 40 times its original size when faced with extreme heat. In the same way, we can seize our opportunities of success by being transformed by the heat of our challenges and adversities. Our response to these character building events determines if we are going to pop to our ultimate level of triumph or stagnate in the mess of mediocrity. In other words, do we choose significance or settle for less? You are never

to old to choose significance.

Through insightful stories, practical

insight and humor, this session 

provides the life-changing secrets 

to Pop to the Top™ by enhancing

your quality of life.

(Based on the book SMELL THE POPCORN:

12 Life-changing events to Pop to the Top.)

Jerry LePre

Speaker, Trainer, Life Coach, Author, Sports Historian