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Empower the Champion Within You

Like many young boys, my childhood dream was to become a professional football player when I grew up.

However, despite my positive attitude and passion for the game, I was not a good athlete. In fact, I admit; I was spastic. So when the ball unexpectedly popped into my hands during a scrimmage game, I started to run for my life.

It is from this unforgettable experience that I discovered 7 keys to GO THE EXTRA YARD™ to become the CHAMPION I was meant to be. It is through these inspirational keys that I was transformed to achieve the significance of my purpose.

During my message, I take you on a thought provoking, inspirational and fun ride that begins with me running over 80 yards toward the goal line. Through humor, inspirational stories and easy-to-implement strategies, my message provides practical insight to engage, energize and empower you to GO THE EXTRA YARD™ to become the champion steward you are meant to be.

This message ignites the passion of significance for those who have the HEART OF THE CHAMPION.

My V.A.L.U.E.-based message will leave you with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for who you are and what you value most. My message will empower your V.A.L.U.E. Core for a focused VISION (Purpose), positive ATTITUDE (Perspective), inspired LOVE (Passion), informed UNDERSTANDING (Proficiency), increased ENERGY(Power).

Message based on Jerry LePre's books 'Smell The Popcorn: 12 Life-changing Secrets to Pop to the Top', 'ChristianNOMICS' and 'Go the Extra Yard: Empower the Champion Within You'.

Speaker / Keynote

Described as "definitely a gifted communicator" by Dick Bruso, the international branding expert and founder of Heard Above the Noise, and praised by Steve Gilliland and Shep Hyken, the best selling authors and members of the speaker hall of fame, Jerry's engaging keynotes / messages provide the keys to GO THE EXTRA YARD by becoming a DIFFERENCE MAKER.

Jerry's V.A.L.U.E.-based* keynotes / messages are filled with a melting pot of practical wisdom, heart-warming stories, historical sports trivia and humor. His inspirational messages aren't just about motivation; they're focused on transformation.

Keynote Messages (Secular and Faith-based Options):

  • Go the Extra Yard: Empower the Champion Within You
  • Mother Knows Best: How Wise Women Made Me a Better Man
  • Old School Rocks:  Senior Adult Empowerment 
  • A Horse Named Lightning: Create a V.A.L.U.E. Culture

Jerry LePre